What’s Jake Tweeting?

It’s time again to check in with Politico’s Jake Sherman to see what he is tweeting these days. We know that The Jakester has a fondness for the noodly jam bands that most of us left behind in high school. When he’s not tweeting about the latest happenings in Congress, he’s giving us low-quality, bootlegged jam band clips. For instance, a wistful Jake reminisces about The Grateful Dead and commemorates the band’s last performance.

This is what all the fuss was about? THIS is the band that people sold all their belongings for and traveled to see? I’d rather listen to gunshots coming from my children’s bedrooms than listen to any more Grateful Dead. Sticking with the musical theme, Jakester makes an interesting discovery.

OK, this is a definitely a step up from The Grateful Dead. Then again, listening to a cat in a washing machine is a step up from that. While we enjoy Jake’s reporting, he should stick to Congress and the Huntsman sisters and avoid giving serious musical advice.