What’s It Like To Work At Amazon?

According to the anonymous job site Glassdoor.com, Amazon gets a 3.2 out of 5 rating as a place to work and employees say it’s, “OK.” This is out of 789 reviews. As a CEO Jeff Bezos gets an 84% approval rating out of 608 ratings. As with any company, some employees really love it and some don’t like it at all.

We have made a list of various comments from employees past and present to give you an idea of what these Amazon employees who voted on the workplace had to say about it. The list includes the employee’s headline and a quote from their Glassdoor post.

1. A good place to work if you don’t mind a pager: “Good pay, benefits, freedom to move around, ability to peruse good ideas.”

2. What a ride! If you like to build things, this is the place for you!: “I’ve been here over 12 years and have had the opportunity to build all kinds of elaborate systems that changed the company. The early days were quite demanding, but the satisfaction was immense. I’m still challenged, but at a sustainable rate.”

3. Warning Things you Should Know Before Saying Yes To Your Offer: “Company rewards narcissism over hard work. Encourages people to share the bad about their fellow employees. Management makes most promotion decisions based on heresy rather than direct observation and knowledge.”

4. Great company to work for if you are willing to work fast and hard: “Great opportunities to implement ideas and to prove yourself. Easy access to resources and people. People are willing to help you be successful. You may have to work longer hours than desired at times. The company loses a lot of talent because of work hours. It can be a challenge to keep a family/work balance.”

5. great learning opportunity, but the culture is intense: “They are working on some of the most interesting products today. Not a friendly place to work. Not a happy place, like most tech companies are.”

6. It will chew you up if you let it: “If you can get away from the legacy technology there’s a lot of cool new stuff being worked on, and the people there are generally brilliant and passionate. It’s a good place to learn a lot about technology and best practices.Your job has to come before your life — beyond the dreaded pager rotation, people routinely work evenings and weekends at home, and in general you need to have your head in the job 24/7.”

7. White collar sweat shop: “…you would be expected to work 70+ hours a week, including weekends. If you don’t, and say you only work 50+ hours, your manager won’t tell you much, however when time comes for your performance review you will be unpleasantly surprised.”

8. Very good experience while also very demanding: “Great growth opportunities. Work with a lot of talened employees. Constantly pushing the envelop when it comes to innovation on a daily basis. Long work hours and a high level of committment. While the constant change makes it a very dynamic environment but there is also not much downtime.”

9. company that likes geeks: “Innovative. CEO has long term view. Great if you are a data driven person.”

10. Lack luster workplace: “Management does not have a clue what they are doing. Impossible productivity expectations with high unreachable standards that management can’t even maintain. HR needs to do their job and stop branding people who are pointing out to them the real issues that face workers on the frontlines. Being customer centric is great but the company must learn to maintain the people who help make this company so great.”