What’s It Like To Cover The Sotomayor Hearings?

Many of you can probably answer that question for yourself (boring), but for those of you off the Judge Sonia Sotomayor beat this week, Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar caught up with a few “legal eagles” for the down-low.

Our favorite question from Sklar to The New Yorker and CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, Slate and NYT‘s Dahlia Lithwick, CBS’ Andrew Cohen and SCOTUSblog’s Tom Goldstein:

Is this a huge mecca for legal media? Going to any fancy lawyer parties? (oxymoron alert!)

Cohen: I have no idea about any parties. I don’t “party” when I cover something like this because I have to work 18 hour days. I have brought my 10-year-old son with me, and he’s excited to be a part of history, and when I’m off we’ll be enjoying DC. I suspect you will be hearing that same answer from most serious journalists who are covering this. It ain’t the Hamptons.

Goldstein: All of the legal media is certainly here – e.g., all of the S. Ct. press corps is here, though some have left. The legal media doesn’t have much in the way of press jockeying. Sometimes law firms or law schools will offer up their people, but that’s about it. For this, it’s the political people and interest groups who are jockeying, and they are doing it a ton. The rest of the media is here, and they make up the great majority of people. By week’s end, the non-Hispanic media will be pretty much gone.

Toobin: I don’t think it’s a huge mecca for legal media. A lot of people “cover” a confirmation hearing by watching it on TV. I am unaware of a single party. Perhaps I’m not invited.

Lithwick: If there are lots of parties I don’t know about ’em. Yes every legal journo around is here. I am going to a book party tonight. But if its Court Nerd Sundance Festival I am not on the right lists.

Who knew “legal eagles” had such senses of humor! Read on here.