What’s Hot For Prom

For the 42nd year in a row, here’s our exclusive Prom Buzz-o-Meter, to help all you 3,000+ party-goers tomorrow night focus your attention on the parties most worth attending. We’ve seen the numbers, reviewed the guest lists, polled those in-the-know, and as a handy guide to all you party-crashers out there, here’s FishbowlDC’s picks for the weekend entertainment:

1) Bloomberg After-Party :: Duh. It’s D.C.’s biggest social event of the year, the creme de la prom, if you will.

2) Reuters After-Party :: The challenger in the after-party scene has certainly captured the buzz this week and the kstreet locale will offer a worthy late-night option for those stuck on the outside at Bloomberg.

3) The Dinner Itself :: With dinner-table debauchery assured and Stephen Colbert headlining, the actual centerpiece of Prom weekend looks like it’ll be actually interesting for once. The question: Can anyone, even Colbert, top Laura Bush‘s blue humor last year?

4) The Atlantic Media Pre-Party :: With sunny skies forecast for Saturday night, the Atlantic poolside party at the Hilton before prom will be the only pre-game in town–grab your booze at one of the other receptions (the lines’ll be shorter) and then wander out on to the patio to celeb spot with the best of them. Yes, if you’re wondering if that’s Joey Pants or Ron Silver, it probably is.

5) The McLaughlin Brunch :: While Bloomberg may be the ticket that lets you know you’re hot this year, a McLaughlin brunch ticket for Sunday is the sign that you’ve arrived–you’re now the establishment. Welcome to the big-time and don’t forget your garden party attire (big hats encouraged, seersucker optional).

6) Tammy Haddad‘s Brunch :: Small means exclusive and this pre-pre-prom brunch in the Palisades has an elite host list–like power couple Hillary Rosen and Elizabeth Birch–and delicious food. Upside? Chances of a Valerie Plame sighting are high. Downside? Chris Matthews might corner you by the buffet.

7) The Capitol File After-Party :: If you’ve been to one Capitol File party, you’ve been to them all. The post-party at Cafe Milano promises the same old crowd in the same old location. You have to be wary of any party that includes Wolf Blitzer right under Ludacris on the “to be seen” list.