What’s Dana Tweeting?

We’re warning you. If you are not a dog person, you may want to think twice about following Dana Perino on Twitter. The Fox News pundit is a frequent tweeter, but most of her tweets seem to focus on pictures of her dog, Jasper in a variety of positions, including some that seem to be bordering on pornographic. She is doing everything she can to turn little Jasper into the next Honey Boo Boo. Just the other day, she excitedly tweeted, “Jasper has arrived! Couple on vacation in Times Square recognized him.” Oh good. She’s created a fame monster and he happens to be a dog. If you ever wanted to know what Jasper looked like, you wouldn’t have to wonder long. Dana tweets out daily shots of the pooch, like the one here. With this one, the caption was, “Dreams of Snoopy vs the Red Baron. “

It’s not that I don’t like dogs. I’ve always had a dog. The problem is when people treat their dogs as if they are children. Dana recently tweeted a picture of a small mess that Jasper made when he got in the trashcan and said, “Kids these days. Leave them alone for 5 mins and look what happens.” He’s NOT a kid, Dana. He’s an ANIMAL. He drinks from the toilet, he pees on the floor, he humps people’s leg. He laps up exposure and attention. Wait….  Maybe he’s perfectly suited for political punditry after all.