What’s Another Word For ‘Wolf’?

BCBeat (Broadcasting & Cable’s blog) has some deep thoughts about how to best describe Wolf Blitzer:

    I have been trying to come up with a new term for what Wolf Blitzer is doing on CNN.

    He is the go-to guy on the cable net’s Situation Room, the network’s attempt to combine breaking news with appointment television,or what I call “breaking an appoitment television” (just kidding).

    But anchor is not quite the right term. Blitzer is part anchor, part reporter, part ringmaster o’ information.

    Turns out there was a perfect name for this new species of journalist all along, unfortunately, I didn’t come up with it.

    Ted Hearn, top Washington scribe for Multichannel News, sister pub to B&C, refers to Blitzer as Lupus Politicus, which being Latin works with the whole circus, ringmaster theme when you think of the “bread and circuses” phrase coined by, as I recall, Roman poet Juvenal, at least as I recall from the web site I just looked at and have already forgotten.

    So Lupus Politicus he is, and a good one at that.