What you need to know before you go to drinks tonight…

Look. It happens. You didn’t read get a chance to read the trades today. But that’s no reason to look like a nincompoop at drinks tonight at L’Hermitage.

Here’s what you forgot to know already:

Blockbuster is about to go bust. “No late fees” has been such a disaster, Variety reports, bankruptcy seems imminent.

More, thanks to near-crack fiend financials, Blockbuster’s desperate need for cash has allowed Carl Icahn‘s boardroom cronies to gain even more control, per Business Week.

– Thanks to the MPAA, Harry Potter’s racy pubescence in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” means you’ll already need to be in puberty (or beyond it) to see the film alone. It’s gotten a PG-13 rating – a first for the Rowling movies.

– As if you couldn’t tell by Steve Jobs’ recent iPod Nano love-in with Disney, which will allow Apple to podcast ABC shows like “Lost” and “Housewives,” Variety reports that Pixar-Disney talks are WAY back on. (Duh.)

– And finally, speaking of iPods, where won’t you be seeeing John Lennon‘s music catalogue avaiable for download? Yes, at iTunes, thanks to a long-simmering trademark dispute between Apple and The Beatles’ Apple Records. Reuters says Yahoo! Music and Napster will get access to the Lennon songs, though.

There. You’re all caught up. “Imagine” that.


Me? I’ll have a Grey Goose – up, with olives.