What You Need to Know About the Pending Vocus/Cision Merger

CisionVocusIf you are a tech-savvy communications professional, you may have been slightly surprised by yesterday’s news that two of the industry’s top providers of cloud-based software would soon join forces.

Private equity firm CTGR Canyon Holdings broke the news of its plans to bring Cision and Vocus together yesterday in a release that promised “new software tools, content and services that help organizations of all sizes to enhance their performance.”

You may recall that this news follows April reports regarding unsuccessful attempts by Meltwater to acquire a majority stake in Cision.

This afternoon we spoke to Peter Granat, the now-former Cision AB CEO who will serve as chief of Vocus and president of the related Canyon affiliate, to get some additional insights into the deal and what it means for you.

Granat’s quotes after the jump.

On the thinking behind the merger:

“Right now it’s just an intent to combine the two…we are still in the planning process, but it goes back to CTGR’s thesis regarding the cloud, PR media space as a category, and creating dynamic tools for PR professionals.”

On the purpose of the merger:

“Most of our customers use multiple tools: apps, streams, etc. But they’re also using many of the products in the core PR space. The thesis behind the merger is for us to have scale to continue to build out to those capabilities to address the changing needs of professional communicators.

A few years ago we were focused on social media and now we’re focused on content marketing, so [the industry is] moving in that direction. The scale gives us the ability to invest additional dollars in R&D to address the needs of PR professionals.”

On plans regarding existing elements of the two companies:

“[We look forward to] combining shared resources, looking at the unique offerings of each company (PR Web, influencer databases, etc.) and leveraging them to build the premier platform for communications professionals.”

Granat tells us that it’s “too early to comment” on operational changes to the products themselves, but:

“We will continue to communicate as we’re able to; Cision is still a listed company while Vocus went private. There will be other comments on product direction as plans move forward.

In the meantime, people shouldn’t expect any changes in the products that they use.”

So it looks like we’ll be using the same products we’ve come to know for the time being. We’ll be sure to bring you any related updates as we receive them.

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