Doing Some Social Networking? You’re 5x More Likely To Be On Facebook Than Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that almost 80 percent of adults in the USA use the internet?

So what are they doing right now? Well, more than likely they’ll be watching a video (71 percent), sending instant messages (46 percent) or uploading photos (46 percent), but while Facebook is a very good bet, only a fraction over one-in-ten will be using Twitter.

Flowtown (alongside visualization gurus Column Five Media) took data from three years of Pew Research and determined that while people predominately use the internet for entertainment and social networking, Facebook (65 percent) is a far more popular consumer of our time than Twitter (13 percent), the latter of which ranks alongside updating a personal blog or buying and selling stocks as the least likely things to be doing online.

Still, times are changing, and don’t be surprised to see Twitter a lot higher on this list in 2012.

(Source: Flowtown. Top image credit: beboy via Shutterstock.)