What Washington Reporters Could Learn From Cannes

From William Booth:

    Seriously, the Washington press corps has something to learn from my Cannes colleagues.

    Fashion tip? Some of the reporters here wear short shorts and high heels. Their questions get answered. Also, today we spotted a guy with a press credential around his neck, and his shirt completely unbuttoned, like Fabio. And it worked for him. Henri Behar, the French journalist and film critic who emcees the official news conferences, favors two earrings, scarves and the occasional headband. And you know what? He rules. Funny, informed, and as fast on his feet as a cobra if a cobra had feet.

    And wouldn’t it be nice if at news conferences, you reporters in Washington could begin by first telling Hillary or Rudy or Mitt (it’s customary to address talent by their first names) how much you admire their work?

    Hacks back home: Try it! Here’s an example: “Barack, loved the books. Just loved them. That scene where you go back to Kenya . . . on a journey of self-discovery . . . ” Here reporter clutches chest and sighs. “Now, we’re seeing your health care proposals. They’re amazing. Simply amazing.” Here all the reporters in the room nod their heads and mouth the word amazing. “So what I’m wondering is, how do you do it?”