What Not To Do To Get The Best Salary Offer

Out of work? Desperate? Stop that right now.

Employers can smell your fear, writes Paul Gumbinner for AdAge. “There are many companies out there that will take advantage of your situation if they sense desperation.”

Whether you’re a laid-off ad pro or, really, any media guru who’s looking for a new job, Gumbinner explains the five things that guarantee you’ll get a lowball salary offer. The first is acting desperate. The rest?
-Exaggerating your salary; saying you were making more at your old job doesn’t guarantee you’ll make more in your new job, and you’ll probably be caught lying.
-Negotiating before you get an offer.
-Naming a number. “If you name a number that’s too low, you may miss out on a higher salary. Meanwhile, if you name a number that’s perceived as too high, you may not get a job for the want of a few thousand dollars, which in this market may be a huge mistake.”
-Accepting too soon. Let them squirm a little.

What tips would you add to successful salary negotiation?