What if You’re Slow and Complex?

We’re intrigued with the new Heart publication, Quick & Simple, which hits the newsstands tomorrow. According to the web site, it “covers real women and what is important to them including home, family, food, health, nutrition, fitness, fashion and beauty.” What’s a real woman? One who cooks home-made lasagna on Mondays and hand-stitches quilts on Wednesdays? Or what about a woman who changes the oil in her mini Cooper and loves to tool around town in her Vespa but HATES to stand in front of a stove? We want a definition please! In any event, we love stories about entertainment, fashion, diets, and deals (in that order), so we’re receptive to this new pub. Get this, the Aug. 29 issue has articles on how to Stretch Away Stress and Baby Your Leather Accessories (it’s not what you think. It’s about bringing your pricey purses and shoes back to life.) But we’re not too keen on the “Streamline Your Skin-care Regime.” We don’t want to toss our costly toners and gels just yet, even if it saves us time in the morning.