What Happens When People Start Being Polite, and Start Getting Real

If there’s one thing we know about designers, it’s that y’all work. Way…too…much. So perhaps on this fine Thursday we can ask you to turn down the hum of efficiency that surrounds your desk and read a few pieces that might make you re-think the meaning of that little four-letter word.

Everyone’s favorite NYTimes.com employee, Khoi Vinh, joins 37signals prez Jason Fried in the Think Tank today, discussing 37signals’ approach to designing. You’ll remember 37signals as the creators of the project management software like Backpack and Basecamp and Campfire (which enhance, improve and unencumber our lives daily–seriously, check ’em out), so it makes sense that they try to approach their own work with a do less, have more philosophy.

One solution, which Fried alludes to in his interview, is the four day week, which seemed to work out okay for A List Apart writer Ryan Carson. So, you heard the men. Do something really productive for yourself today–and take tomorrow off.