What Happens to HGTV’s ‘Dream Home’ After the Season Ends


Although we’ve reported on it being pure evil, after this writer bought his first house last year, we’ve completely succumb to HGTV. We’re certainly not as bad as our parents, who seem to watch it as if it were the only channel available in their cable package (if Keith Olbermann decided to host a renovation show on the network, there absolutely would be no need for any channel changing), but we’ve gotten sucked in from time to time. One of the shows we haven’t watched, but have seen endless promos for is that “Dream Home” show, where the network spends a season showing the building and decorating of a lavish house in some swanky locale, which they give away via sweepstakes at the close. We, possibly like you, have always wondered “As nice as that place is, who is going to pick up and move?” Our questions, at least about this last “Dream Home” house in Sonoma, California, were answered by the San Francisco Chronicle who have reported that the winners of the house, a couple from Florida, have donated all the furniture and sold the place right back to the developer, who has put it back on the market. So if you were a fan of the show and disappointed that you didn’t win, here’s your chance to grab it. And to help bring back the excitement of “Ooh, I hope I win it!” we recommend that you just pretend the house is being raffled and each ticket costs $2.2 million. Good luck!