What Does Lever House Smell Like?

smells like lever house.jpgAn angular blend of black currant, verbena, and grapefruit, according to Chandler Burr, who offers a round-up of modernist fragrances in the new Design Issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. Lever House finds its olfactory match in Yuzu Rouge, made by a company named for the postal code of the world fragrance hub of Grasse, France (06130). Burr deconstructs the juice:

The building is 24 stories of blue-green glass and stainless-steel curtain wall; the perfume is equally sleek and deceptively simple. The raw materials — black currant, verbena, grapefruit — structure themselves with crystalline clarity, free of any perceptible supporting skeleton. Like most of its kind, it is somewhat fleeting, diffusing madly for 15 minutes, then becoming a mesmerizing murmur of fresh lemongrass and tea.

Burr goes on to describe Gucci‘s “Rush” as having a “marvelously, explicitly unnatural [scent], as if one were smelling a coat made of the most expensive Lycra.” Mmm, space-age polymers! As for a comparable building, he points to the Bank of America Tower, the $1 billion skyscraper project now underway in Midtown Manhattan. “This box is angled, complex, multifaceted,” writes Burr. “Its clear glass skin is washed in a milky, pearly whiteness, keeping it both warm and cool.” Can the first LEED-certified fragrance be far off?