Find Out What Your Tweets Say About You (and Your Agency)

Twitter tries to tame the trolls.

Twitter is very aware of its own troll problem. Last month Dick Costolo admitted that “we suck at dealing with abuse,” and this week Ashley Judd made news for becoming the first celebrity to threaten to sue her trolls:

Yesterday, the company began taking some steps to remedy the problem with this video, complete with soothing acoustic guitar tones:

You sort of have to applaud Twitter for trying, but this effort doesn’t amount to much. Regular users will be very aware of these tools, and the video doesn’t even have 2000 views yet.

Maybe the company needs to do a bit more in the way of self-promotion.

On that note, ask yourself: what do my tweets say about me?

A recent New Yorker piece highlighted a very cool resource that can help you answer that question. Analyze Words, created by psychologist James Pennebaker, reviews the words used in a given account to assess its runner’s state of mind.

Edelman, for example, is EXTREMELY upbeat, hyper-aware, and slightly arrogant(!):

edelman words

Ketchum, on the other hand, is a bit more analytical:

ketchum words

We question the scientific accuracy of this tool, because our friends at Spin Sucks are definitely not “very angry”:

spinsucks words

But it’s still a cool experiment, no?