What Do Media Professionals Need to Know About The New Twitter Update

Twitter is updated its API to Version 1.1 this week. In doing so, the social networking company has limited the potential output of developers who create apps for Twitter. According to the new terms, developers will need Twitter’s permission for an app that requires more than 100,000 individual user tokens.

Twitter said today that, “The 100,000 user token limit applies only to the small set of clients replicating the core Twitter experience.” But as TechCrunch points out, “Twitter isn’t particularly jazzed about supporting apps that replicate the Twitter experience, i.e. those traditional Twitter clients.”

 So what does this mean for media professionals? Well it means that if you are using any third-party Twitter apps like Echofon, Tweetbot or Twitterific to communicate with your audience, then you’d better keep a watchful eye on how the Twitter rules play out, because these apps may not have a future.
Another issues can make updated links in tweets inaccessible if sent to another service using a third-party client. Mashable contributor Christina Warren points out, “I frequently send URLs I run across on Twitter to Pinboard and Instapaper, often using a feature built-in to my favorite Twitter clients. This could be problematic for social news aggregators such as paper.liPostano and RebelMouse.”