What a 346 Day Long Trip It’s Been


It’s been an interesting year in the ad world. With every issue of AdAge comes dire word of the death of this or that medium, that the whole industry is changing at too quick a speed for anyone to figure out. It’s all very sad to read about. But sadness isn’t what we’re about here at UnBeige. Instead, we pass along word of interesting, relevant, and amusing topics. And there is a batch of each of those in AdWeek’s blog, AdFreak, rundown of the top stories concerning advertising for 2006. The number one, which reads negatively, of course, actually still fits into agency.com’s top secret, ultra sinister plan:

1.Agency.com pitches Subway. If we roll, we roll big. What else is there to say? After this video came out, the word “viral” officially surrendered. We’d encourage you to go back and give it another look, but that would be cruel. Still, we’re hoping for more of the same in 2007.