What 5 Digital Video Players Are Planning for Their NewFronts Presentations in May

Once anything but slick, digital video has emerged as a true rival to linear television and is the first choice for millions of consumers. That phenomenal growth has advertisers as well as viewers taking notice.

What was a $7.5 billion business in 2015 is projected to approach $10 billion this year. “Four years ago, the whole digital video business was a $2 billion business, and now we’re at a place where it’s growing $2 billion a year,” noted Jordan Bitterman, chief strategy officer at Mindshare. 

All that business begins in earnest in May, at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual Digital Content NewFronts. The two-week marketplace, which was launched in 2012 with just a handful of presenters, has grown to 40 participants. Here, a look at what five key players there have in store.