WH Cracks Down On Sloppy Journos

FishbowlDC obtained this email from WHCA President Ann Compton, sent earlier this week to TV news networks:

    Allow me to use this email loop to remind all networks there is a dress code for crews and correspondents covering photo ops in THE OVAL OFFICE, the ROOSEVELT ROOM, and the CABINET ROOM.

    Jeans, sneakers, beach wear, flip flops, t shirts are among the items of clothing the White House will not allow. Crews posted to the WH usually know these are unacceptable FOR PHOTO OPS in the West Wing on the days you are pool. This does NOT include today’s Rose Garden event.

    I received a complaint about today’s crew and lighting technician. The Lower Press staff says from now they will enforce the rule on crews dressed inappropriately. They will be banned, meaning all networks will not get video and audio from a presidential photo op.

So what happened?

Well, we hear that three camera and lighting crew members wore jeans and sneakers into a scheduled photo opportunity in the Oval Office when a foreign leader was visiting earlier this week. The White House has requested for sometime now that, on the occasional day when it is that crew’s turn to cover the President in his office, they dress appropriately.

And who was the guilty party?

Let’s just say that wasn’t NBC’s Rodney Batten, who’s famous for always wearing a coat and tie when it’s his turn for pool duty.