WGA, west takes product-placement battle to the barricades web

This week, the WGAw-sponsored website productinvasion.com will launch a hopefully-viral video parodying the trend towards paid product placement in television shows. From the NYT:

The video mocks Tyra Banks, the host of the popular reality series “America’s Next Top Model,” which features in its episodes the Cover Girl brand of cosmetics sold by the Procter & Gamble Company.

The video is timed for the sixth-season premiere on Wednesday of “America’s Next Top Model” on UPN. In the frenetic comic video, an actress portraying Ms. Banks in a mock episode of “America’s Next Top Commercial” relentlessly shills Procter products and even rents out space on her forehead to advertisers like Nike.

It’s a clever idea, and I guess it can’t hurt, but, um, how is this actually supposed to strengthen the Guild’s negotiating position on this issue? Is the idea that it’ll stir up public sentiment against product placement? Note to WGAw executive board: Have you met the American public? They love buying stuff.

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