WGA Ratifies New MBA Contract Overwhelmingly


While, yes, for all intents and purposes the WGA strike was over, there was the final formality of the ratifying voteby the guilds. The strike beards have all been shaved. Yesterday, however, the Writers Guilds of America, East and West ended the strike officially by ratifying the new contract with 93.6% of the vote(4,060 votes cast; 3,802 to 258). From the press release:

”’The 2008 Minimum Basic Agreement is groundbreaking on many levels,’ said Michael Winship, president of the WGAE. ‘Not only does it establish Writers Guild jurisdiction in new media, it gives writers the same separated rights provisions in new media enjoyed by the creators of original TV and motion picture scripts, as well as residuals for the reuse of movies and television programs on the Internet and in new media. Those residuals will be based on ‘distributor’s gross’ — real money for our members — that we’ll be able to audit and monitor more effectively than ever before.”

(image via post-gazette)