WGA 07 Strike: Women In The Line Of Fire

Kobrin-3385.jpg Local writer Sandra Kobrin writes in Women’s eNews that many of the people most screwed in this writers’ strike are women — women who are getting very little ink. Kobrin leads off with one, an aspiring writer/Warner Bros. assistant who lost her job when the studio suspended her striking boss’s 6-figure development deal:

“Thousands of other women whose names you will never know–meagerly paid assistants, secretaries, crew members and others working to support the big Hollywood players–are the first wave of collateral damage in the Writers Guild of America strike that began Nov. 5 against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.”

She goes on to remind people that these “bit players” are the backbone of the industry, and lack the $12 million strike fund that WGA picketers have.

Kobrin doesn’t come out against either side, but she does cast a much-needed light on “the pink-collar crowd” who desperately need this strike to end.