WFMU Introduces Live Broadcasts For iPhones

1107wfmu.jpgScrappy New Jersey radio station WFMU has become the first radio station to broadcast live streams for the iPhone. From the station’s blog/press release:

We are pleased to announce that WFMU’s live streams are finally available on the iPhone. iPhone listeners can point their browsers at and listen to our live mp3 streams at either 128k or 32k and also choose from a selection of our archived content and podcasts. […]

It’s a bit ironic that the iPhone, a somewhat sophisticated piece of technology (tapped as “Invention of the Year” recently by Time) still lacks the basic live radio functionality that was available on the Walkman back in the 80s and the transistor radio as far back as the 50s. It’s safe to say that providing this kind of functionality has never been a technical issue for Apple but has probably been more of a business decision. A few weeks after the iPhone launched, some people discovered references to “mobile radio” in the iPhone firmware and this past Friday there were further hints that some sort of iPhone radio offering may be on its way but so far Apple is still holding back on this feature. […]

After contacting Tversity we learned that they also have some products aimed at enterprise level clients and they do a lot of work providing media delivery solutions to various wireless carriers. Over time we’ve been able to do some minor tweaking with their product and we’re very pleased with the results. We’d like to thank Tversity for helping us deliver what we believe is the first live streaming offering for the iPhone.

WFMU’s iPhone broadcasts can be found here.