We’ve Got An Aspiring Homewrecker On Our Hands

Since last week FishbowlDC has been receiving anonymous tips (from clearly the same reader) strongly suggesting that there are two Washington D.C. based news personalities having an affair. We’ve been ignoring the tips but because our aspiring homewrecker has been so persistent, we thought it was time to share.

Here’s the first tip we got:

“Just how close are BLANK and BLANK?  You might want to ask around because those two have been or still are more than just co-anchors ..I worked [there] ..I know.”

So we’re urged to ask around despite our aspiring homewrecker allegedly having direct knowledge. Maybe he or she should have emailed one of us directly? Would’ve made things far simpler.

We ignored that and two days later received our second tip:

“JUST saying they look very cozy. BLANK and BLANK are more than [coworkers] We snapped [station name]’s BLANK and BLANK,  [at an] event, which had more than 500 from the business, medical and philanthropic communities.”

Notice how many times our aspiring homewrecker uses the anchors’ names. The person obviously wants the information out there. Once again, we ignored. But our aspiring (and persistent) homewrecker isn’t giving up. We received our latest Tip No. 3, last night:

“Why don’t you ask BLANK and BLANK about dinners they have after [work]? Isn’t she a married mother? There is more than [working] going on.”

As you can see, our aspiring homewrecker offers just a little more bait with each tip to make us move. There’s no telling what our home wrecker’s motivation is but we have theories…

1. The tips are coming from one of the anchors themselves. One of them is possibly a little bitter that the other won’t declare his or her love to the public.

2. The tips are coming from an underling at the station who hates one or both of the anchors who may or may not be having an affair.

3. The tips are coming from a know-nothing at the station who simply wants to start a stink.

4. The homewrecker is secretly in love with one of the parties (we’re thinking the male) and is jealously trying to split them up.

When our aspiring homewrecker comes forward with something a little more solid, we’ll let you know. So come on H.W., we’re ready for Tip #4!