Wesley Snipes Appealing Judgment in UTA Case


Sitrick and Co. issued a statement on behalf of Wesley Snipes:

A spokesman for Wesley Snipes said today that he will appeal the $1.7 million default judgment that was entered in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007, against Mr. Snipes for the alleged breach of an oral contract between Mr. Snipes and his former talent representative, United Talent Agency, Inc. The judgment was reported in the media that day.

Mr. Snipes’ representatives said the default judgment was entered without Mr. Snipes’ knowledge as UTA did not provide legal notice to Mr. Snipes or his known legal representatives.

Mr. Snipes’ representatives added that Mr. Snipes intends to vigorously contest this matter on its merits once the improperly taken default judgment is set aside.

“Mr. Snipes has and will continue to honor valid contractual responsibilities,” the spokesman said. “Consistent with that commitment, Mr. Snipes had been in discussions with UTA about the underlying dispute and was shocked to learn that UTA abruptly abandoned discussions and chose to take legal action.”

Does this mean Snipes won’t get the UTA job list ever again?