We’re Not Record Execs, But We Play Ones at Spin Parties

The band and adoring crowd

We were sitting at a table in the VIP section (read: upstairs) of the Hiro Ballroom last night awaiting Albert Hammond Jr.’s set when someone asked us if we were with RCA Records. We answered in the affirmative, which prompted the staff to keep supplying us with free bottles of 42 vodka all night. And they wonder why the record industry is in trouble.

Hammond, best-known for being one-fifth of The Strokes, was playing on behalf of Spin and MLB2K8. A guy wandered through the crowd handing out copies of the game for the Wii, but we didn’t get one. There were also Wiis strategically placed throughout the venue, but we were pretty focused on maintaining our record industry cred (and the vodka).

Hammond was entertaining, although less than spectacular. Were we real record industry reps, we probably wouldn’t sign him.

We’re almost entirely positive this is Jr. himself. He’s carrying his stuff off the stage. It was beyond sad.

Crowd shot