We’re Continuing Our Love of the Poster, But We’re Moving It To Rhode Island


In response to our earlier post about our love of the concert poster, reader Mitch Goldstein wrote in to tell us about an exhibit not to be missed if you’re a fan, like we are. It’s the Rhode Island School of Design Museum’s current exhibition, “Wunderground: Providence, 1995 to the Present” and it does look incredible. Not only are there works of art, from video to ceramics, there’s also a gigantic poster section to it. Here’s that scoop:

Providence Poster Art, 1995-2005 will display, floor-to-ceiling, some 2,000 screen-printed posters advertising rock shows, art exhibitions, and community events held in Providence since 1995 — a comprehensive timeline of the signature creative activities of the underground’s last decade: silk-screening and noise music. Over 200 artists created these colorful, graphic, cartoony posters for happenings at off-the-radar venues such as Rogue/Renegade, Box of Knives, and Pink Rabbit. Headsets with recordings of live shows will pepper the galleries.