Wemple’s Back

A few more details have emerged as to why Erik Wemple left the Village Voice (they now will look for their fifth editor in eight months) to return to the Washington City Paper.

From the Voice’s release:

  • “Although Wemple accepted the job of editor-in-chief of the historic Voice–even introducing himself to the staff–subsequent discussions revealed disagreements over newsroom management.”

  • “‘Erik’s concerns are not unreasonable,’ said Michael Lacey, executive editor of Village Voice Media. ‘The Voice is an enormous and complex horse race. We asked Erik to mount several ponies mid-stride, and he was alarmed to find us still in several of those saddles.'”

  • Said Wemple: “However, the paper’s ownership and I have failed to come to terms in our many discussions about moving forward, particularly with respect to newsroom management.”

  • Was it because he didn’t have assurances on budget and newsroom staff?

      Wayne Barrett, a Voice senior editor and a longtime political investigative reporter, said he asked Mr. Wemple if he had assurances about budget and headcount for the newsroom. “He couldn’t answer that question,” Mr. Barrett recalled in a telephone interview yesterday.

  • Or because he wouldn’t have enough autonomy?

      Mr. Barrett said that staff members had asked Mr. Wemple if he would have autonomy over the paper as editor. “There were concerns that the guys in Phoenix would be telling him what to do, and he said he had a strong commitment,” that he would run the paper independently, Mr. Barrett said.

    More importantly, what’s going to happen to this party?

      Subject: Farewell to Erik – NOTE TIME CHANGE

      OK, it’s official. (NB: THE TIME HAS BEEN CHANGED.)

      Saturday, June 24
      7 p.m.
      Mike DeBonis’ house, ************

      Plenty of food* and drink will be provided. BYO Village Voice to ridicule, burn.

      * including veg and gluten-free options

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