Weird Contest Journos Might Want to Enter

Want a private lunch with former Sen. John Glenn?

Here’s your chance with the 9th Annual Auction of Astronaut Experiences & Memorabilia to benefit the non-profit Astronaut Scholarship Foundation. The auction opens online today at 9 a.m. EDT here. If you don’t win lunch with the astronaut, there’s other things you can snag, like coins containing metal from the Apollo 11 spacecraft (we know, they didn’t interest us either. Neither did the Hawaiian shirt worn by another astronaut so we’re not even going to get into it.)

But things are looking up. In addition to dining with Glenn, bidders can vie for seven other experiences, including a trip to the Houston Rodeo with moonwalker Charlie Duke, a Colorado mountain climbing adventure with Space Shuttle astronaut Scott Parazynski (he knows what he’s doing, he’s climbed Mt. Everest), and a trip to picturesque Tuscany, Italy with Skylab astronaut Jerry Carr.

To participate, bidders must register for a virtual paddle number and are then eligible to bid online until the auction concludes on November 5, 2011 at 10 PM EDT.

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