Weird Al’s Early Jobs Included ‘Accordion Repo Man’

It’s been a long time since a comedy album topped the Billboard 200 charts. Today, Weird Al Yankovic, the man responsible for that feat, sat down for a radio interview with KFI AM 640’s Bill Handel.

Yankovic started off the conversation by talking with Handel about his earliest jobs. He reminded that while studying architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, he went by the DJ name of “Al Matthews” for an off-campus, paid radio gig.

The man born Alfred Matthew Yankovic also, hilariously, talked about being an “accordion repo man.” He was a teacher at a music school, and when students discontinued their lessons, it was often up to Yankovic to show up at their door and request that they return the loaned musical instrument. “They were more than happy to give it back, for some reason,” Yankovic deadpanned.

The split between digital downloads and hard-disc sales for Mandatory Fun is 60-40. Comically, when Handel asked, neither Yankovic or manager Jay Levey (tagging along and in-studio) were sure which split is which. Either way, way to go Al! And here’s looking at you, Prince! (A reference to the fact the symbol-ed one once instructed Weird Al not to make eye contact at an awards show.)

Photo: Petr Jilek/