WeinerGate: What do Reporters Think?

And the Weiner saga continues. Here’s a quick conversation from this morning’s MSNBC “The Daily Rundown” with host Chuck Todd and reporters, NJ‘s Major Garrett and the AP‘s Liz Sidoti. The conversation, largely intelligent and serious, eventually degenerated into laughter. How could a Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) story about a mysterious weiner photograph not?

Garrett: Well, of all the things that have been somewhat comical and mildly absurd about this story, the idea of Anthony Weiner giving a speech to 45,000 people actually strikes me as among the most absurd.

Todd: He seems overly defensive. It seems he has created a mountain out of what could have been a molehill.

Sidoti: The public is willing to forgive mistakes, errors in judgment. …What the public won’t stand for is cover-ups and charges of hypocrisy.

Garrett: Hacking. Prank. Distraction. No investigation. Nothing operative is happening at the FBI or Capitol Police. Every indication is that he did it. And because he won’t answer, people are going to jump to that conclusion.

Todd: Until he [has] an answer.

Garrett: Or until he can get that 45,000. I’ll be there. [All three journalists break into laughter.]

Todd: [More Laughter] This is what summer in D.C. is like in a non-election. There’s the serious, the speculative and there is silly and surreal. It’s going to be  a wonderful 90 days. So glad the heats up. [Laughter]