Weiner Gone Wild

Should Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) get his own channel?

Like Lifetime or Oxygen, it would be called, simply: “Weiner”. Or perhaps his name should become a sport, like skiing. Whenever a lawmaker goes rogue on the House Floor, that would be, simply: “Weinering”.

The networks, it appears, can’t get enough of the lawmaker these days.
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was eating up Weiner last night as she enthusiastically praised his Wednesday House Floor speech in which his words were taken down – which equates to a spanking for lawmakers when they insult one another on the floor.

Maddow called Weiner’s hot dog of a performance the “single most dramatic performance of the day other than the people at the Olympics. Have you seen this?”

Later she added, “There is nothing like the Olympics except sometimes C-SPAN. Did you see what happened today in the house with Anthony Wiener? Just watch this raw.”

After Weiner was “thanked for his remarks” in parliamentary fashion inside the House Chamber, Maddow concluded the segment, saying, “We indeed thank the gentleman for his remarks.”

Weiner’s on a roll. In a recent briefing on health care he remarked that the last line of the caucus briefing might as well been “pigs fly out of my ass because the situation will be so different tomorrow.”

Watch the video of the speech that has Maddow mad for Weiner here.