Weiner Fesses Up to Crotch Shots While Andrew Breitbart Milks Confession

Married U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner tearfully fessed up today that his Twitter account wasn’t, in fact, hacked and that he’d tweeted a picture of his junk to some young woman he didn’t know. After nearly a week of lies, Weiner was forced into confessing today after more reports surfaced about multiple women who said the Congressman had sent them glamor shots of his naughty bits.

This came only a few days after Weiner called the police on a CBS reporter for showing up at his office to question him about the scandal.

Before Weiner could even take to the podium to sling his watery mess, Andrew Breitbart hopped up there to show off his “A” game. His site Big Government was widely bashed in the press for breaking Weinergate – mostly because Breitbart had no credibility after the Shirley Sherrod scandal. But, we hate to say it, he’s right about this one. And he’s expertly milking this story for all it’s worth.

A complete sidenote: the AP headline for its story on Weiner’s presser says Weiner “Admits He Sent Lewd Pix.” Can “pix” really be in the AP Stylebook? Short of just writing “pictures,” wouldn’t “pics” be more appropriate?