Weigel Wags Finger at ‘Asshole’ Bicyclists

Slate‘s Dave Weigel largely writes and tweets about politics. But over the long weekend he got bugged by bicyclists  riding on Washington, D.C.’s 14th Street and scolded them – in both his real and virtual lives.

“Assholes on 14th street — you realize we have bike lanes, yes? So get off the goddamn sidewalk,” Weigel barked on Twitter. “And they’re always biking slowly, as if that makes it kosher. Also said it to the dude, who I then noticed was copiously headphoned.”

Later he toned down his anti-bicyclist rhetoric, saying, “Folks, re: earlier bike tweet: there is a wide bike lane on 14th street. I’m not too bothered if dude uses.”