WeHo News Publisher Susses Out Some New Competition

Ryan Gierach, owner of online publication WeHo News, has some unique insights to share about Henry Scott, the man behind WEHOville.com, a competitor scheduled to launch next week. That’s because a few months after Scott moved to West Hollywood from the east coast in October 2011, he offered to buy one half of Gierach’s publication.

Gierach writes that the two forged a “firm verbal agreement,” only to have the deal fall through in May:

Scott told Gierach that: a) he would not consider investing in a web-based news source, preferring to remain in print media; b) his own projects prevented him from committing sufficient time and energy to publishing a media outlet; c) WeHo News’ reporting failed to meet his own editorial standards; and d) if he were to take on WeHo News, he would not only want a majority position, he would push founding publisher and editor Mr. Gierach out to take a 100 percent ownership position while “possibly” offering him employment as an editor.

With a prelude like that, the competition between WeHo News and WEHOville should be very entertaining. According to Gierach, Hillel Aron (The Native Angeleno) will be freelancing for the new publication, while Dan Watson (LA Times, Neon Tommy) is on board as executive editor. Read Gierach’s full take here.

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