Weekly Standard Sold To Clarity Media Group, Examiner‘s Owner

In a move that was speculated about on this blog and others, Clarity Media Group, which also owns the Washington Examiner, has officially aquired The Weekly Standard.

This move was announced in a press release today by Clarity Media Group CEO Ryan McKibben. Weekly Standard editor William Kristol issued the following statement:

“I want to express my personal gratitude, and that of my colleagues, to Rupert Murdoch. His generous support and (if I may use the term) liberal disposition have made whatever we’ve accomplished possible.

We at the Weekly Standard are truly pleased to be joining forces with Clarity Media Group. We’re very much looking forward to working with them to produce an even better magazine with a stronger web presence and even larger readership. First-rate owners are hard to come by. We’ve had one. We’re getting another.”

McKibben also said: “We have the highest regard for the editors and staff of The Weekly Standard, particularly founder William Kristol and executive editor Fred Barnes. The Weekly Standard’s content deals with the most critical public policy issues of our time, in an intelligent and compelling way.”

>>UPDATE: FBDC also hears McKibben visited the Weekly Standard‘s office today.