Week In Review: Borders Delisted From NYSE, Kobo Gets Money, iPad 2

Happy Friday! Before you head out for the weekend, here is a roundup of eBook news this week:

The New York Stock Exchange removed Borders from stock exchange.

Rumors spread that Amazon might give away Kindles to Prime Members.

The Institute of Direct Marketing said that Amazon had 80% of the UK book market.

Kobo raised financing.

Digital magazine publisher Zinio has had problems delivering content.

A new self-publishing platform launched in the Netherlands.

The iPad 2 went on sale, and 20% of iPad owners are expected to buy the new one.

Random House UK said they might adopt an agency pricing model after all.

Andrei Codrescu said that he hates Kindle’s Most Highlighted Passages feature.

Amazon updated its Kindle for Mac app.

We interviewed Ebookling founder Colin Wright.

We discovered a new way for authors to sign eBooks.