Wednesday Mobile Roundup: Google+, App Launches, Partnerships, & More

[Launch] Google+ Hits iOS — The new social network from Google, Google+ is now available for the iPhone device for free, allowing them to update their social feed from anywhere.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! Coming to iPad Tomorrow — Beyond Civilization V, another Sid Meier title, Pirates! is coming to iOS, and it will be available tomorrow notes IGN. The long-running franchise is being released for iPad and will allow players to take on the role of a pirate in the 17th century Caribbean.

[image via IGN]

[Launch] Viber Launches Messaging App for Android — Messaging application Viber has launched on the Android Market this week. Already available for iOS, the new port allows users to send and receive messages over 3G or WiFi as well as make phone calls to other Viber users for free.

Mig33 Launches Game Developer Platform — According to VentureBeat, Mig33 has formally launched its game developer platform. The new platform allows for game makers to more easily create games that are playable in regions such as Africa and Indonesia on phones utilizing partner GREE’s social networks.

Vserve Gains $3 Million in Funding — India-based mobile advertising network Vserv has found itself with an investment of $3 million from IDG Ventures India. The company is known for developing the AdWrapper for J2ME applications, and is now set to expand that service to Android apps.

Isis Supports Major Credit Cards — Mobile payments company Isis recently announced the support of the United States’ four major credit card companies, as VentureBeat covers. Users will now be able to make purchases at Isis mobile terminals with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

[Rumor] iPhone 5 “Confirmations” — After Apple’s earnings call yesterday, Apple CFO Peter Offenheimer suggested that iPhone 5 may truly be a reality come September as he notes, according to ElectricPig, “a future product transition that [they’re] not going to talk about today, and… will impact [Apple’s] September quarter.”

900 Million on Mobile Web in China — In a post from Penn Olson, China’s Internet population is currently noted as 485 million, and many of these users are accessing it via mobile. As it stands, 900 million Chinese citizens are now mobile subscribers.