We’d Be More Than Happy to Color Inside the Lines


This is terrifically awesome and something we wish would make it over here to the States. By way of Chris Glass, we found a story about the release of new colored pens and pencils to help fulfill the demand created by the coloring boom in Japan by…adults. That’s right. People your parents or grandparents’ age have embraced coloring, coloring books, and, as stated in this article, are buying these kits, called “Let’s Begin Coloring” in droves. Personally, if this makes a splash over here in the US and, as is wont to do, instead gets picked up by we youngsters, this writer would be more than happy to start going back to those hipster bars he swore off long ago (nearly a whole month now!). Open a beer, give us a black and white outline of a zebra hugging a rhino, and let us at it. We’re ready.