Weather Channel Video Ad Autoplays on Twitter

Violates rules on cards program

The Weather Channel is delivering autoplay video ads on Twitter, but they appear to be breaking the rules. 

A promoted tweet featured autoplay video from

The Weather Channel –against the rules.

Today, a promoted tweet using Weather Channel video content automatically started playing in the feed of targeted users. The video was promoted through Twitter’s Amplify program that shares branded content from media partners like The Weather Channel, Major League Baseball and the BBC.

Using Amplify, these media companies share videos on Twitter that they also sell to outside sponsors. In this case, a Weather Channel video about protecting cars in cold weather showed up when users searched for tweets related to today’s arctic blast. Travelers sponsored the video and promoted the tweet.

However, videos from Amplify partners are not allowed to autoplay if they are longer than 10 seconds, which this video was. While The Weather Channel did not comply with Twitter’s guidelines, it was able to deliver autoplay video ads, which have become a big focus in the social media world. Facebook launched autoplay ads last month after testing the disruptive format with users for months.

Amplify videos that are less than 10 seconds long could be the answer for sponsored autoplay on Twitter, but in this case it was unclear if the social messaging service would continue to allow the violating video.

Facebook’s first autoplay ad for the movie “Divergent” was only 15 seconds long. Most Amplify videos are longer than 10 seconds, but there appears to be an opportunity for more brands to take advantage of autoplay on Twitter.

Twitter and The Weather Channel did not immediately return a request for comment.

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