We Were So Proud Of Ourselves When We Found This Stock Photo

Even though we, ahem, use both operating systems on a regular basis, we know there’s a big time stigma to even mention the name Microsoft. But we don’t care, because we’re here to kinda-sorta report the news, and kinda-sorta do that, we maybe will! Damnit! But anyway, this doesn’t have anything to do with Microsoft, other than it has everything to do with Bill Gates, who was at Corbis’ big annual meeting, and he’s the guy who founded the stock site. So AdAge caught up with him and did this interesting interview with him about the history and future of the stock industry. Here’s some:

It was 1995, and I thought, “Wow, this is the antithesis of my original vision,” Mr. Gates said. “There were file drawers, with envelopes, and they were duplicating images and sending those off to clients. Things were very hard to find. It was a very paper-driven, manual process, and yet some of the world’s most interesting images were there.”

Since then, Corbis has built an online library of digitized photographs and expanded the services it offers to include plain-vanilla image and motion licensing to assignment photography and rights services. “We’ve had to scale up the size of our sales activities around different customers – rights management, royalty-free, new consumer markets, and it is really in the last several years that we’ve gotten to the scale that makes us a very strong business and a business that can continue to make strong investments.”