We Want To Believe

Sometimes something comes along that just captures your fancy. Something so quirky/funny/touching/real that you’re willing to suspend disbelief and just enjoy it. Hollywood Douchebag is one such thing.

The site purports to showcase the video diary of 23-year-old aspiring screenwriter Ben Silver, who reportedly died on July 19 in a car crash on the 101.

Whether or not it’s real, it’s fun to listen to Silver take in the more banal sights of Los Feliz and Hollywood (the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Scientology Center, the elementary school outside his apartment).

You get the sense, from watching the diary that Silver is/was the kind of guy who made friends easily, but prefered to be alone. He’s like a lot of guys you know. And you kinda wish you could meet him. But if the backstory is true, you can’t. And that, of course, is part of the appeal.

According to the site, friends and family posted these snippets to see if anyone out there can help turn his 60-minute diary into a full-fledged movie. LG15, look out.