We Do Just Oh So Love The Theater, Don’t We Darling


Certain of our critics have compared our latent Machiavellianism to Eve Harrington’s, so we were thrilled to discover that we might have more in common with her than a simple desire for complete usurpation. That, kids, is a keen interest in the theater. So we were (and this is a rarity) thrilled to discover that this week, as part of the New York International Fringe Festival (as a requisite shout-out it’s got nothing on Edmonton’s), four plays are being staged at the Center for Architecture. Yes, this is the second post about them today. No, we are not in their pockets. At least not any more than in anyone else’s. (Although we’re up for a chat should anyone be interested in purchasing our middling integrity).
But with no further ado about nothing on a midsummer day’s blog, here they are.

The Magnificent Hour (responsible for our tasty image)
In Search of Stanley Hammer
The Crazy Locomotive

It’s really too bad we get such bad cases of the sympathy nerves.