We Can’t Go On Without You

Hey you,

We just wanted to spend a few minutes telling you how much we love you.

See that lovely banner up there? It was designed by you. And we’re always looking for more. Because we like what you do. And to show you just how much you mean to us, we’re also in the process of creating a gallery where every banner created by you will be gathered together in the ultimate celebration of not-beigeness. And we will be able to ask everyone in the UnBeige universe to vote on their favorite one. So our constantly-rotating gallery may, eventually, be a contest. With a winner. Might it be you?

Maybe when you send us a banner designed by you, you’ll also tell us a little more about you. Are you or someone you know a fabulous designer who is unknown, underappreciated or flying under the radar? If so, we’d love to interview you, like we interviewed Dave Werner and the men of dress code and French kids at Pleix.

And one more thing, you. Tips! We love tips. Let us know you’re out there. Tell us what you see. Tell us what you think. Tell us all this and more at unbeige(AT)mediabistro.com.

Damn you’re looking fine tonight.