We are transparenter than you: an internal FishbowlLA memo

From: Claude
To: Mike


Here’s an email I got yesterday.

From: “James Bateman” @hotmail.com

To: claude@mediabistro.com

Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 21:00:02 -0800

Subject: your idiotic searchlight post

oh how clever…trying to deconstruct a seemingly pointless variety article while failing to make any insightful point about industry media coverage…

you missed the point that rice is now overseeing a brand-new division with a staff. given HIS new responsibility with that division, utley and gilula are taking on a lot of rice’s former responsibilities. there are substantive structural changes happening within the company.

so it’s NOT just “raises” and “new business cards,” you stupid f–k.

Considering how thoughtful and incisive his prose is, I’m sure you’ll be surprised to learn that I’ve never heard of James Bateman.

However, IMDB.com does have a listing for a child actor from the early 80’s named James Bateman, who has only one credit to his name. This might explain his failure to apprehend the fact that we BROKE the story of Fox’s new genre division (and Rice’s involvement with it) on FishbowlLA weeks ago, as well as his baseless, psychotic rage at the world. And if our correspondent isn’t that James Bateman, maybe he’s this James Bateman in which case, I have absolutely no idea why he might be angry.

I wouldn’t provoke him, though: ex-child stars don’t do well once they’re washed up, and we don’t need him going all Danny Bonaduce on us. Then again, our being taken hostage at gun-point would be GREAT press for the blog. Let’s talk to the head office and weigh the legal pros and cons.