“We Are Journalists” Tumblr Recalls The Romanticism of Reporting

There are only 12 entries so far, but the posts on the new Tumblr We Are Journalists are moving enough to pack a stiff punch. Hovering somewhere between endearingly earnest and slightly self-important, the blog highlights messages from journalists discussing why they entered the industry and what it means to them to be a writer and/or editor. “We are journalists. We are proud of what we do. We are tired of bad press about the press,” begins the About section of the Tumblr. There are entries from online-only editors and newspaper reporters, from multimedia journalists and page designers.

“I have 60k in medical debt and listen to full-time photographers complain about their jobs at press conferences when I’d kill for their health benefits,” reads one entry. “I chose a major I like and one day I’ll probably live in a cardboard box. Despite that, I couldn’t be happier and my parents couldn’t be prouder. I am a multimedia journalist.”

Another, a journalist and father who calls himself a “JournaPapa,” writes, “I stumbled into journalism just as the economy was tanking and met a thousand people younger than me who were there because they wanted to tell the stories of people whose stories never get told and another thousand people older than me who still think good stories were worth telling and keep telling me “When you look at your paycheck, don’t despair. Remember, you’re not in this for the money.” I endeavor every day to remember that every story is worth telling.”

The submissions recall the romantic side of reporting, focusing primarily on the desire to tell stories about the disenfranchised and the silenced. For journalists acquainted with the inner-workings of news production, We Are Journalists will be comfortingly familiar and might bestow a sense of pride for the profession we all love so much. For readers, it’s an interesting, intimate look into the inner thoughts of news producers.

You can submit your own entry to We Are Journalists here.