WCP Reporter Eats Roasted Chicken Rectum

Usually this wouldn’t be something to brag about, but reporters will do almost anything for a story, including eat  chicken shit in the middle of the day for a restaurant review of a North Korean joint way out in Annandale.

But Mike Paarleberg gets the honors for this one. As you can see, it doesn’t look so bad, and of course, it tastes like chicken.

An excerpt:

However, I hadn’t tried roasted chicken rectum before. The dish (called ddak ddong jib, or “chicken shit house” in the wonderfully literal Korean language) is not uniquely North Korean—they have it in the South as well, just not at your typical restaurant. The dish is late-night drunk food, a Korean version of jumbo slice: spicy, heavy, and designed to soak up the soju after a hard night out.

I had it stone-cold sober and in the middle of the day, and it was pretty tasty. The rectums are chewy, with a texture similar to gluten-based meat substitutes. And you get your money’s worth: eight to ten of them on a bed of onions and peppers is $10

WCP Editor Mike Schaffer was also in awe of his reporter’s story. This morning he wrote on Twitter: “You pretty much never go wrong w/ a dish whose name translates to “shit house chicken” #northkoreanfood.”