WCBS-FM Moves on in Middays Without Bob Shannon

A WCBS-FM mainstay is no more. Midday jock Bob Shannon, who hasn’t appeared on the station since late 2011 while on medical leave, will not return to the Classic Hits station.

Until earlier this month, Ron Parker and Joe Causi had been filling in saying, “In for Bob Shannon…” Now, Parker has taken the midday slot. Showing an unfortunate end to Shannon’s illustrious radio career, Causi is no longer rotating at night or saying that he’s in for Parker.

As early as April, FishbowlNY learned that Shannon would not be able to return, but remained quiet due to privacy issues.

Shannon, 64, is a link to the Oldies past of CBS-FM, where he was the popular afternoon DJ starting in 1986. For the recent 40th anniversary celebration, Shannon was heard on tape from several years earlier. It is yet another indication that Shannon was apparently too ill to participate live.

Shannon, whose real name is Don Bombard, gave listeners a dry wit. A master of the “talk-up,” Shannon would regularly use the song intro as a delivery method for a joke’s punchline. He also regularly programmed special features on his show, namely “Hands Across the Water” and “Lost Hits.”

Shannon is a Rock and Roll authority, having written a pair of books on the subject.

His beginnings in radio are credited to Marv Albert, who introduced Shannon as the winner of a guest DJ contest while a junior high school student in Syracuse, New York. He joined the Syracuse University air staff as a freshman in 1965.

A CBS Radio spokesman has not confirmed Shannon’s status with the station, or any other personnel changes. The WCBS-FM Website still has a photo of Shannon but no link to a bio.

Shannon’s last Facebook post was on December 16, thanking friends for birthday wishes.