Wayne Knight Still Happy to Be Known as ‘Newman’

Pity the one-hit wonders: the Mark Hammils, Jaleel Whites, Peter Framptons, and Dexy’s Midnight Runners of the world who achieve a moment in the spotlight and then disappear, leaving us with a single song, film or sitcom character to remember them by.

According to Dan Amira of Daily Intel, Mr. Wayne Knight, who made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention this week on behalf of The Creative Coalition, is quite happy to be known, now and forever, as Seinfeld’s Newman, despite the fact that his wife is “tired” of strangers stopping him on the street and asking him to say “Hello…Jerry.”

Based on the seventh season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (which we take to be 100% true to life), we feel like Knight now views his best-known character with more fondness than does Jason Alexander, who has voiced a certain displeasure with his inability to transcend George Costanza.

So, publicists: Should actors, musicians and other creatives who are known for a single role or song embrace their claims to fame or spend the rest of their lives aiming to move beyond their one big moment in the sun?